No one sets out to diminish the health of their own soul…

but let’s face it — it happens.


This June I will have been in full time pastoral ministry for 20 years. I love my calling and have enjoyed the highs of ministry and managed to stay sane through the lows. If there is a regret that I have over my tenure it is that I haven’t always cared for my soul well. I have found this to be true: doing ministry without taking care of the soul is a formula for burnout and it can take years to recover. When I have placed others’ needs above my own, my soul suffers and consequently those who are closest to me have paid the price.

About 18 months ago I took a retreat, and Corey Garris (Mile High Vineyard) told me about the personal growth he had experienced by going through a program called Faithwalking. I was immediately intrigued and signed up for the retreat and the six month process that followed. What I experienced was life changing. My soul was fed, and I began to grow emotionally and spiritually at a rapid rate.  More importantly, those closest to me noticed the changes as well.

Does your soul need some care? If so consider getting a spiritual director or try this website: Or if you are ready for a deep plunge contact to find out how you can get involved in Faithwalking.

Here is an excerpt from about their vision. I hope these resources help you as you care for your soul!

“Sometimes, the demands of everyday life keep us from tending to the inner life. Sometimes, we severely under-value the importance of our interior world. But the rock solid truth is this: our soul’s health drives everything that matters to us. It is foundational to who you are. In the end, everything about your life, your person-hood, is in some way a function of your soul. The health of your soul matters!

Something else is true about souls: They are living. Like all living things, our souls can thrive, or not so much. Every soul has a quality of life; a degree of well-being. Souls need attention and care. But how?

The dream for Soul Care is simple and two-fold: That each person would realize his or her innate need for this kind of care, and discover simple and profound ways to do it. If we each would take the time to care for our souls, the entire world really would be transformed… one life at a time.”

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