I don’t know much about computers but I do know there is a factory reset on most, or at least the ability to reset the computer to its original intent. My iPhone has that ability for sure. Every once in a while I have messed things up enough to consider resetting my devices. I have found over the years hitting the factory reset is a very necessary part of my walk with Jesus. I need to reset my thinking, my thought process, my understanding of what’s important, back towards Him. I can only imagine the effect on my soul if I did this 4 times a year, like the seasons. Unfortunately, I do it every few years. But by the time I get away, it’s more of an emergency than a regular practice. Recently I had a chance to get away and hit the reset. It was a bit different this time, well actually each time is different. It makes sense I am in a different place than I was 20 years ago. A few things stand out from my most recent time getting away.


Seek first the kingdom = True productivity.

While this idea is an old hat to me, it comes as a reset. I get so caught up with doing the work, I forget to just rest and be in His presence. There are a million things I can do, but what actually should I be doing? I’m not talking about “Jesus take the wheel” type of thinking but what’s best for those around me and the community of God that surrounds me? The last 8 months I literally wake up and hit the ground running—even sprinting. While circumstances in my life might warrant the sprint, it is not an excuse for not abiding in Him and resting in his presence. Moses said, and I paraphrase, “God if you’re not going then there is no way I’m going”. Often times when you’re sprinting, it is hard to see where Jesus is going.


True Productivity = The presence.

We often confuse getting things done and accomplished, with productivity. They are two separate things. I think we want a balance of both, especially if we are not paid religious professionals. But the reality of the kingdom should be our mindset. Always asking and looking for what God is doing. That takes practice. We need to be aware of where our hearts are and how to connect with the presence.


The presence = The person of the Holy Spirit.

As we know, the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Sometimes this person seems hard to identify which is why we need to see “it” as a person.


The person of the Holy Spirit = Will guide me into true Kingdom productivity.

When I put my hand to what He deems most important, then my actual productivity on the things that have eternal value increases exponentially. If Jesus said he could do nothing unless he saw the Father doing it then how much more do I need to know and learn and follow the person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is my example of this. In his humanity he was able to follow the Holy Spirit. Abide in me and I will abide in you. This concept of abide can be seen in many ways, I picture walking in step with a friend, talking, laughing side by side.

With this idea of seek first, I have determined to not touch any electronics, tools etc.. (Just a coffee cup) before 9am. Whatever it is, it’s just going to have to wait until I have started my day in the right way. What might the Father be saying to you in this season?

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