I don’t know about you but my summers are FULL. Overflowing with laughter, coffee, special parties, up late, lazy mornings and being outside. When I have a moment to think about fall (usually once it’s already here) I can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a “new year,” especially in youth ministry. The fall season can be full of meeting new youth, planning events, introducing new programs, preparing talks and visiting schools. You could plan and manage all that; have a successful ministry by your sheer will and determination. You really could do it all. But that’s just it, it would be YOU, or me.

That’s me, for sure. I’m the one running, running until we’re sick and tired, but still smiling, reassuring everyone I’m fine. It’s usually once I’ve exhausted all my “good ideas” that I ask God what He wants to do. I know God’s ideas are always better than my ideas, but I just forget I guess. I also think God wants us to be healthy and happy people (shocker). I think God wants to see us minister and be ministered to. I think He calls us to radical love of others and ourselves. I want to practice putting my hope not in my abilities or programs but in my ability to partner with God. What is He doing?

Of course He is always doing. I just run too fast to see it.

So, I’d like to offer you, here a moment of quiet waiting. A moment I know I need myself.

So turn off any noise, get comfortable and sit.


Psalms 46:10
Be still and know that I am God (pause, breathe)
Be still and know that I am (pause, breathe)
Be still and know (pause, breathe)
Be still (pause, breathe)
Be (pause, breathe)

What would you ask of me God?

What did you hear? What did you feel? I hope He spoke to you. If not, please ask a friend to pray with you. Or even your youth, maybe they want to partner with God with you this year.

Here’s to another year of loving and serving. You got this!

Melissa Lee
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