Most days, if not all, I look in a mirror and see my reflection.  If I am completely honest, it is most often in the morning as I get ready for the day.  I spend time getting ready and give myself a final check before heading out into the world.  I like to think that this behavior is pretty normal.  Maybe you are like me.  What’s interesting about my obsession with the mirror is that I am regularly captured by the wrong image.  When I look at myself I most often stop at the surface and miss the opportunity to make sure my heart is ready for the day.

Each day that we get up and get ready, we have a choice: will I live today for myself or will I live a life of love that has its source in God.  Each day I have to make a choice in whose reflection will be on display.  Will I reflect KURT or will I reflect GOD.  In 1 John 4, we see that God is love.  This means that every time I make a choice to display love I display God and every time I choose to reflect God I reflect love.  These two things go hand in hand.  God is love.  God loves YOU!  God loves me.  God loves all of humanity.  This is how it works and this is who He is.  But the question is, will I allow who He is to transform who I am?

In a world driven by greed, self-glorification, fame and fortune, You and I have an interesting choice to make.  Will we be another individual living for self with something to prove or will we be an individual captured by the love of God displayed in Jesus who lives with a heart for more than self with something to give?

For the past 20 years I have been engaged in a growing relationship with Jesus.  Over the past 20 years I have discovered something wonderful.  When I choose Jesus as my source, he fills me and supplies me with all I need.  In Jesus I am accepted and loved.  Because I am extravagantly loved by Jesus, it frees me to extravagantly love others.  When I look in the mirror and see that my heart is captured by the love of God, I know that I can go live that day with something to give instead of something to prove.

Live in Love!

Kurt Attaway
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