Over the summer the Anaheim Vineyard youth group held a youth discipleship program. The teens had a final project to do with several options to choose from—one of which was to write about something they experienced this summer while doing the program. Redpoint is going to include several of them in the weeks to come. Here is the first:

We have been told it is good to spend time with God, but who is God? From my own experience, God is a friend who I can turn to for any situation and talk to about anything–no matter how wrong I have been. He is also a comforting presence when I feel too overwhelmed with life, but God isn’t just a guy who I turn to when I am having problems or want something. We have to keep in mind this is the Creator of the world we are talking about. He is our Father. He is the Good Shepherd.

When you are in any kind of relationship, one person is not the only one who is receiving while the other one is giving, but both people trade the positions of receiving and giving. Why? Because that’s what a balanced relationship is. Just think on it. If you were in a friendship where all you did was help your friend with their problems and all they did was complain to you, wouldn’t that start to get annoying? I know, for me, I would want to get far away from that person and pretend I didn’t know them anymore. Lucky for us, God is not like that. He is over-joyed when I come to Him with all of my problems because He loves spending time with me. But why would I want to spend time with God? The Bible says that God knows our hearts; He knows us like no other person.

Just this summer I took a retreat with some of my youth group to St. Andrew’s Abby up in Valyermo, California. Even before the trip began I had high expectations that, in some way or another, I would be able to meet with God. During the hour-long quite time experiences, God approached me in a very personal and unique way. He gave me directions on things that I asked about in a way that only I could understand. I felt more connected to who God made me to be—I am growing into an extremely creative person and a passionate worshiper of Him.

When we spend time with God, what happens? The Bible says, “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.” (Psalm 111:10 NIV) Spending time with God is a reflection of fearing God and following Him. When I spend more time with God, I experience order in my life because of my relationship with Him.

“Spend time with God! It’s good for you! And don’t forget to brush your teeth after every meal…” –These are definitely two things my mother says all the time. In all honesty, she has a point though. No matter how much time you spend with God, it is always going to be helpful to you. He does everything for our good, and He always has our back in any situation. So, why not take a chance with God?

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