In December 2011, I began to grieve for my local community.  As I prayed about this, I believe the Lord gave me heavenly strategy to impact my community, Tucson, Arizona.  God began to reveal to me that students of all ages were being positioned all over Southern Arizona to transform their communities.  The Lord showed me a vision of students building altars all over Southern Arizona, as a sign of their encounter with King Jesus.  I believe that God wanted me to organize a school in Tucson during the summer of 2012 for students to display God’s greatness here on Earth.

On January 18, 2012, I gathered a team of leaders to cast vision for this school.  That night, we all agreed that God wanted us to move forward with this strategy.  We decided to call it the “School of the Unseen,” with the mission statement to know His goodness and advance His kingdom in the local community.  The school was held June 14-16, 2012 in Tucson, AZ.   We desired to call out the greatness in each student and then give them an opportunity to activate that calling in each evening session by praying for the lost, sick, and/or hurt at a local church named, Victory Outreach. Here are some of the stories from the school:

  • A thirteen year old shared about her first time praying over an individual in the service.


  • A word of knowledge went forth from one of the evening services for color blindness.  Andy, an incoming high school sophomore, knowing his friend Daniel has that issue, pointed at him and sought him out to pray for healing over his eyes.  Upon laying hands on Daniel and asking God to heal his eyes of color blindness, Andy remembered he had an application on his phone to indicate the strength of one’s eyes, regarding color.  It was one of those color dot tests.  After praying, Daniel, who had little vision of color, took the test and could see 60% of the color dots!  Prior to prayer, the colors were not in focus.  God gave him deeper clarity and focus for colors.   Joyfully, Andy shared with others in attendance that night about God’s goodness for Daniel’s healing.


  • Students were asked to identify three issues on the Earth that irritated/frustrated them. One of the students listed fatherlessness as his issue.  Placed in small groups with similar issues, they prayed to receive strategy and revelation, and to cry out for breakthrough for this issue in their local community.  Unbeknownst to the group, Josh, 14 years of age and one of the group attendees, shared that his Dad had died suddenly a year ago.  The group gathered around Josh in prayer and were able to minister to him and release hope into his heart.  Unable to speak openly with others prior to the school about the death of his dad, Josh received the confidence and peace to speak with others after attending the School of Unseen.


  • Another girl, Emily, 13 years of age, received the gifts of tongues during one of the morning sessions of the school.  The Holy Spirit showed her his great joy and comfort through this gift, as the smile on Emily’s face told us all.  On the last morning of the school, she also shared how much fun it had been to hang and get to know all the other students and leaders.


  • Joe’s story (not his real name) is one my favorite stories from the school:  One of the first things that I learned about Joe, an incoming high school freshman, was that his dad had recently left him and his mom for no apparent reason.  He had been gone for over six months when Joe had decided to participate in the school.  From Joe’s body language, it was easy to tell that he needed a father figure.  Eyes drifted downward and back slumped, Joe’s disposition remained sullen and silent.  Another thing I learned about Joe was that he attended church with his mom occasionally when she could get off of work. On Saturday during the morning session of the school where we shared testimonies, Joe reported that he felt led to pray for a boy on Friday night at Victory Outreach, who appeared to be around ten years of age.  Joe had compassion for the boy who had gone up for prayer during the ministry session.  Unaware of what to say specifically, Joe laid his hands on the boy and prayed for a blessing to be released over this child.   Then, he felt in his spirit that when he laid his hand on the boy that God put His hand on Joe too!

I believe God is raising students up all over the world who are seeking to know His goodness and advance His kingdom.  I believe students are rising up with a destiny to impact their own local community with another kind of atmosphere.  I believe God wants to see great change in all nations.  I also believe that students want to know the heart of God.  The School of Unseen is committed to releasing students into their local communities who have a desire to honor the Holy Spirit.

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