Welcome to Redpoint Magazine! So what’s this all about? Why should you spend time reading this, and who put this all together?

Redpoint Magazine is a quarterly online magazine published by the Vineyard USA’s National Youth Task Force. As a group, we feel a passion for youth ministry in the Vineyard to reach its full potential. We believe that the future of the Vineyard, and of Christianity itself, is already being written on the hearts of teens in this country and around the world. In that spirit, Redpoint is a collaborative effort aimed at achieving these goals:

  • To give youth ministry a voice in our movement and in the nation. Great things are happening around the country with the next generation: leaders are being trained; young Christians are being equipped; and lives are being changed. We need to hear about this!
  • To resource the courageous men and women across our nation working with teens, who often feel pressed for time, under-resourced, and overwhelmed by the gravity of the call. Redpoint seeks to provide you with encouragement from seasoned youth leaders; reviews of books and resources for your ministry; strategies and ideas for building your ministry to touch more lives; and personal stories from around the country to strengthen your resolve.
  • To be a gathering place for people who share the call to raise the next generation. Redpoint seeks to draw us together, give us a chance to share our ideas and experiences, and to break the isolation that so easily accompanies youth ministry.

The term “redpoint” is a climbing term that refers to a lead climber who sets “redpoints” in the rock face by which others can follow his/her climb. We feel this is a perfect picture of leading youth. As youth pastors/leaders/volunteers we are called to show the way and model what this Christian life should look like. But we can’t force them to climb, we can’t carry them, and we can’t just be satisfied with the fact that we climbed. We must see the next generation take their own place in the climb, and in turn be strengthened and challenged ourselves.

If you are someone who shares our passion for the next generation, or maybe you are already working with them, we invite you to join our community here, and become part of the dialogue. We thank you for taking a second to browse the articles here, and we sincerely hope you find something that encourages you today.

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