Light Up the World Schedule

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3:00pm – Registration

6:30pm – Night Meeting
Theme: Keeping Your Light Shining – Overcoming Obstacles to a Faith That Burns Faithfully – Jacob Gaines & Meghan Castor



9:30am – Morning Meeting
Worship + Equipping — Hearing God’s Voice / Sharing Your Story

12:00-1:30 – National Youth Leader Lunch

1:30 – 2:00 –  Games

2:15-3:15 and 3:30-4:30 – Workshops

  • Prayer: Having true conversations with God – Mike Gay, Room 103
    • Do you wish you had a better prayer life? Does your prayer life feel disconnected and old? Mike will encourage you in ways that will bring a new energy to your prayers!
  • Light up your world through genuine worship – Wes Watkins, Room 273
    • How do worship and evangelism work together? If you are gifted in worship, how do you use that to reach others? This workshop will open your eyes to exciting ideas for this powerful ministry. This is NOT just for worship leaders! But for all worshipers!
  • Equipping for the fight that we are called to while avoiding the fight that we aren’t – Adam Greenwell, Room 108
    • Spiritual warfare. It’s real. Do you know what you are doing? Join us for a practical and exciting look at the power Jesus has given you to defeat the enemy.
  • Intelligent Design: Why the heck you are the way you are – Gabe Qunitana, Ro0m 275
    • Do you ever question why God made you the way you are? Do you ever struggle with self-doubt or insecurity? This workshop will face these giants head on and offer practical advice and ministry!
  • Youth Leader Connection – a space to share, support and connect with other youth leaders – Melissa Lee, Room 274
    • Calling all youth leaders! Join us for a time of discussion and sharing of ideas, as well as building relationships!
  • Culture and Character – Christian Dunn, Room 205
    • What you say. What you wear. What you watch. What you do. Culture has a lot to say about this stuff. How do we exist in this culture, and still maintain our character? Is it even possible? Join Christian for a discussion (not a teaching) about this topic.


6:30pm – Night Meeting
Theme: The Need for a Personal Encounter with the Holy Spirit – Adam Russel


Meet at tent at 8:30 am!!

9:15 – 3:00pm – Knott’s Water Park all day

  • Lunch there
  • Dinner back at the tent/field


6:30pm – Night Meeting
Theme: How to make a difference in the world, even when it seems like no one is listening – Jenna Stepp & Keri Garcia



9:30 – Outreaches (Groups will be assigned this morning)

1:30 – 2:00pm – Games

2:15-3:15 and 3:30-4:30 – Workshops

  • Don’t just say it…live it: Sharing Your Faith With Friends – Mike Gay, Room 275
    • It can be intimidating to talk about your faith with your friends. In this workshop we’ll discuss some ideas and tackle the challenge!
  • Heal the Sick – Brandon Henderson, Room 103
    • How confident are you in praying for the sick? We will face our fears, and learn some practical skills to this powerful ministry of the Spirit.
  • Healthy Sexuality and the Church: If you are thinking about it, then the church should talk about it because Jesus cares about it – Jenna Stepp, Melissa Lee, Room 205
    • We will have an open and honest discussion about how our faith in Jesus impacts our sexuality.
  • Working with the poor – Johnny Freisner, Room 274
    • We know this is a value for Jesus, but how do we live it out in our lives? How, as teens, can we really start to care for, and work with, those in need?
  • Encountering the Lost in Love – Johnny Brown, Room 273
    • How do we reach out to those far from God without sounding superior or judgemental? Johnny will encourage us to be real with our faith!
  • “I’ve got issues” – discovering the truth behind where issues TRULY come from and the ways to heal them. – Karrie Garcia, Room 108
    • We will be talking about our need for connection and how our need to find connection rules much of our decisions. If we are not connected to God, ourselves, and each other we WILL find something to connect to.


6:30pm – Night Meeting
Theme: The World is Dying Without Us – Ray Longwood