Tim Levert is an incredible writer. Hands down. I love his stuff. He is a regular contributor on our blog, as well as youthministry.com. Somehow while pastoring teens, writing blogs, raising a family, and more – he also finds time to write books! His latest book is for teens – to help them grow in a daily relationship with Jesus.

Theresa Mazza wrote a great review on youthministry.com, so I wanted to share it with you here as well:

There are some WINS in youth ministry that keep us going as youth workers. A few students start bringing their friends to youth group, that’s a win. A disruptive student starts leading in positive ways instead of negative ways, that’s a win. Teens begin leading each other in worship, that’s a win. But nothing brings greater joy and hope to a youth worker than seeing students go deep in their faith and living as followers of Jesus in their everyday life, 24/7.

Tim Levert has nailed it with his new book 24/7! He has written a guideline for teens that will help them discover what it means to be a committed follower of Jesus. Getting this book into the hands of our students is a major win. It’s conversational. It doesn’t tell students how to follow Jesus. This book helps students discover Jesus in every part of their life by offering practical suggestions and by asking honest and thoughtful questions, the right questions.

When we ask students the right questions, we allow them to find Jesus as they search their own heart for the answer. It’s during this searching that we as youth workers can support, love, and guide students to the feet of Jesus. That sounded really serious, and it is. If you are looking for a tool that will help shape the faith of students, you’ve found it. In this book Tim tosses us home runs by asking the right questions.

Spoiler Alert! Here are some of my favorite questions in this book. Every question comes with suggestions, guidance, and solid thoughts on how to reveal God’s kingdom.

What kind of influence are you having on your family?

Tim admonishes students to be an example to their family. He asks them to imagine what their family would look like if God’s kingdom was lived out.

What does it mean to live and reveal God’s kingdom at school?

This question is followed by a section called, Your School Is Your Parish. Tim encourages students by helping them visual themselves as campus pastors.

When negative thoughts pop into your head, what do you do with them?

Students are challenged to focus on things that are true, to think about things that matter, and to protect their thoughts and keep them pure.

I love the way this book guides students in living out God’s kingdom in their everyday life. Students can use this book as a personal devotional, or you could also consider reading through this book with your small groups.

So check it out today – maybe this is exactly the next resource your group needs! 

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