I just returned back to PA, after spending a whirlwind 3 days at the Vineyard of the Rockies in Fort Collins, CO.  I was there for the launching of the first The Rockies Project Timothy!  This is so exciting, and I was honored to be invited to be part of the kick off.

Project Timothy is a teen leader “boot camp” that started in the East Region back in 2009.  The idea is that we bring together teen leaders from across the region and spend 8 days with them, discipling them in both the spiritual and the practical aspects of leadership.  While there, the teens have a chance to lead a small group, pray for others, plan and lead an outreach, hear God’s voice, pray prophetically, and share their faith.  They are also exposed to leaders from their region, who come specifically to speak about aspects of what it takes to be a leader.

This week in Fort Collins, 27 students gathered from seven different churches from Colorado and Texas!  As I left today they were out doing an outreach called “Go Bus,” which takes food out to communities in and around Fort Collins who are hurting.  They met in small groups yesterday to plan their end-of-week outreaches as well.  Each group prays and comes up with an outreach–which can be servant evangelism, prayer evangelism, or some other idea that the group comes up with.


In just the first 24 hours, I was so excited to see such a depth of commitment to Christ in these young Christ followers.  I was inspired by their love for God in worship and their wonderfully joyful attitudes towards helping those in need.  While there, I had a chance to talk to them about servant leadership, and their response was awesome.  They are ready and excited to take the message of servant leadership back to their youth groups, churches, schools, and communities.


They just finished, and I’m planning on getting some more awesome stories up here. The same event is actually happening RIGHT NOW in Landenberg, PA at the Barn Vineyard, the youth are really pressing in to God–let’s be praying for them this week!

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