The Kingdom and You

Four Week Series

Small group teachings and discussions studying the parable of the soil.


In the Vineyard we see the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God as core to who we are. It is foundational to all that we believe. Reality is that the topic of ‘the Kingdom of God’ can seem abstract, and may be hard to understand how it affects everyday life, for younger students. In this set of lessons, our hope is to give pre and early teens an opportunity to learn about the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God through sets discussions and activities that will help students both learn about and experience the kingdom by way of the parable of the soil from Matthew 13.

Lessons in the Booklet

Introduction to the Parables of Jesus
Lesson #1 – The Path
Lesson #2 – The Rocks
Lesson #3 – The Thorns
Lesson #4 – The Good Soil

Scott Mailhot

Scott lives in New Hampshire with his wife Deb and his daughters.  He has served in children and youth ministry for twenty years.  Scott is one of the elders at Manchester Vineyard in NH; and with his wife are the current overseers of the youth and children ministries in Manchester.