Twelve Week Series

Written series about the who, why, and how we worship. A few supplemental videos from Vineyard worship leaders add to the experience. 


God is eager to be known and experienced by all. In response to God’s initiative, we value the life-changing power of the experience of His presence. The primary place where that relationship is nurtured and developed is in the act of worship—both private and corporate. Our teens are constantly pulled in numerous cultural directions that are vying for their attention. In the midst of the fast-paced visual marketplace these students are growing up in, we want them to experience God in a way that flows out of a life of worship and affects all aspects of their lives, so that all division between the secular and the sacred vanish. Our prayer is that they experience intimacy with the Father in a way that changes them forever.

These videos are meant to supplement the written teaching material. These are not the teachings themselves. This isn’t a video curriculum, but you can use these short video clips from Vineyard worship leaders to augment each lesson!

Weekly Topics

This curriculum is a written curriculum designed to be taught by you! However, there are 5 supplemental videos that we have created to augment several of your lessons. In each week there are suggested songs to go along with the lesson as well. You can access the songs via our Spotify playlist and you can grab the chords from vineyardsongs.com and worshipteam.com.


Lessons in This Series:

Week 1: What is Worship
Week 2: Who Do We Worship? (Part 1)
Week 3: Who Do We Worship? (Part 2)
Week 4: Why Do We Worship? (Part 1)
Week 5: Why Do We Worship? (Part 2)
Week 6: How Do We Worship? (Part 1)
Week 7: How Do We Worship? (Part 2)
Week 8: How Do We Worship? (Part 3)
Week 9: How Do We Worship? (Part 4)
Week 10: How Do We Worship? (Part 5)
Week 11: Worshipping Together (Part 1)
Week 12: Worshipping Together (Part 2)


Vineyard Worship

From the very beginning of the Vineyard movement, our value for intimate worship emerged from hearts hungry for God. This hunger remains the essence of worship in our movement. Vineyard Worship (the ministry) exists to gather, equip, inspire and impart this deep-rooted value for worship in our local churches. We desire to: Gather worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters to build community and care for one another. Equip our worship community with practical tools to broaden its local worship experience. And Inspire our worship community toward a deeper connection with Jesus. Learn more at https://www.vineyardworship.com/ Impart the best of what God births in our family of churches and share it broadly.