Who Am I?

Four Week Series

Video teachings with supporting written material about what the Bible teaches us concerning our identity in Christ.

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For anyone who has ever been a teenager, you know that discovering “who you are” is a huge part of that time of life. What do I care about? What defines “me?” Who are my friends? How do I want to live my life in relationship to all that’s going on around me? To that end, we have endeavored to create a starting point for this discussion in your youth group. This certainly doesn’t come close to being exhaustive. But we think it lays a foundation of the most important part of our identity: who God says we are.

Video Teachings

Weekly Topics

Maybe the most profound truth of the Bible is that you and I are loved by the eternal God. And if God thinks you are worthy of love, then who can disagree with that? Despite your weaknesses and failures, you are worthy of love in God’s eyes. And he offers it freely. Yet some still do not receive it.

You are not an afterthought, an accident, or a mistake. You were known by God since before the creation of the world, and he has chosen you to be part of his family and part of his mission! When others let you down, break your heart, and forget you – you can find strength and comfort in knowing that the God of the Universe has chosen you to be his child! 

Sometimes our identity gets confused with our past. But while our past may influence us, it doesn’t need to define us. In Christ we are given a fresh start, a second chance, a rebirth in the Spirit. So much so that we are called a new creation! The old has gone and the new has come! How often do we settle for the old, and miss our chance to live in the new?

What is the meaning of life? Does my life matter? Do I have a purpose? All of these questions are answered with a YES when we choose find our identity in what God says about us. He has created us with a purpose and part of the meaning of life is to discover and then pursue that purpose!

Christian Dunn

Christian and his wife Mandy live with their four amazing kids in Pennsylvania. He has worked in youth ministry for 20 years and has had the pleasure of serving as the leader of East Region Youth Task Force of the Vineyard for 10 of those years. He is currently serving as the National Youth Leader for VUSA, and recently planted CityLight Vineyard Church in Newark, DE. He is the author of “Finding the One: How Dating Prepares You For Marriage” and “More Than Spectators: Empowering Teens for Ministry.” He is excited about imparting to young people a passion for following Jesus, discovering their gifts, and pursuing their ministry callings.