Risk Takers

Four Week Series

Video teachings with supporting written material about saying “yes” to the adventure of God’s calling on your life.

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In the Vineyard we believe that faith is spelled R-I-S-K! Whether it’s praying for healing, sharing our faith, or volunteering to feed the hungry, acting on our faith often requires a level of risk. Left to our own comfort zones, we tend to mostly take care of ourselves and avoid challenging situations. However, being a follower of Jesus requires us to be stretched and to put others first! In this series we will tackle several obstacles that stand in our way when God asks us to step out in faith.

Video Teachings

Weekly Topics

Lesson #1 – More Than Meets the Eye
One of the first obstacles to stepping out in faith is overcoming our insecurity. This week we discuss the contrast between how we see ourselves and how God sees us, and we learn to embrace the identity we have in Christ!

Lesson #2 – Escaping the Comfort Zone
So often we let what we are comfortable with dictate what we do. This week we learn to tackle our fear with Jesus, and be overcomers.


Lesson #3 – The Weight of Regret
Sometimes our past can cloud our future. We will discuss the power of forgiveness to set us free from our past, and release us to be risk takers for Jesus in the future.

Lesson #4 – One Small Step
In following Jesus we are often one small step of faith away from seeing God do something amazing in and through us. We will discuss what it is like to take that step and join the adventure that God is offering us.


Christian Dunn

Christian and his wife Mandy live with their four amazing kids in Pennsylvania. He has worked in youth ministry for 20 years and has had the pleasure of serving as the leader of East Region Youth Task Force of the Vineyard for 10 of those years. He is currently serving as the National Youth Leader for VUSA, and recently planted CityLight Vineyard Church in Newark, DE. He is the author of “Finding the One: How Dating Prepares You For Marriage” and “More Than Spectators: Empowering Teens for Ministry.” He is excited about imparting to young people a passion for following Jesus, discovering their gifts, and pursuing their ministry callings.