Living on Mission

Five Week Video Series

Video teachings with supporting written material about living a life on mission for the Kingdom of God.

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Two long standing values of the Vineyard are caring for the poor and evangelism. In this series we invited Marvin Suarez, who with his wife Carmen, planted the first Vineyard church in Puerto Rico. Through their passion for the poor, and their evangelism efforts, they have since planted three more. Marvin shares his passion, both from a scriptural foundation and from experience, for living missionally. We think your teens will find this topic relevant and engaging, as you discuss how your group can catch the vision for mission oriented faith.

Video Teachings

Weekly Topics

Our first week we focus on an overview of God’s heart for mission, and why we, as his followers, are called to the same. Marvin shares a biblical worldview of God’s plan for humanity, and our call to participate in it.

Marvin takes us through a look at the heart of God for the poor. He discusses our mission as the church to care for the poor, and how each of us has a part to play.

As part of our life on mission, we are called to stay connected to, and serving in, our community. Marvin shares how outreach, while not specifically evangelistic, builds a bridge between people and God. He talks about how we, as Christians, can have outreach become a way of life.


Learning how to share our faith with others is a vital part of following Jesus. Marvin shares the basics of what we need to share, and also gives several examples from his life of how lives have been changed by the gospel message. 

As part of a life on mission, we are called to not only tell others about Jesus, but to help them grow into a flourishing relationship with him. How can we do this? In this final lesson Marvin shares how we can develop our own discipleship, as well as how we can help others.

Marvin Suarez

Marvin Suarez is the founder and Senior Pastor of the first La Viña Church in Puerto Rico (West side of PR). The Church was founded in February 2000. Since then, he has invested his life in developing a vibrant, culturally and community relevant church.  He has a passion for raising the new generation and serving their community while reaching the lost.  Marvin graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering. Both degrees from the Engineering School of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  A vocation he worked on for over ten years.  He also completed a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary, CO.  He planted the church he pastors in Mayaguez and has planted other four churches in PR. He has devoted his past twenty one years to develop leaders and church planters for the local church in the Caribbean and the US.