Building Character

Four Week Video Series

Video teachings with supporting written material about growing our character in relationship with Jesus.

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Discipleship begins on the inside. This is why it is so important for us to focus on character. Character lays the foundation for much of what God wants to do through us in our lives. If we run ahead of our character, only focusing on calling and ministry, we will eventually outrun our character and fall. Our emphasis in this curriculum is establishing some values of building character in young people’s lives that will last a lifetime.

Video Teachings

Weekly Topics

In this first week we focus on the importance of character as seen in the story of Samson. Character is foundational for leadership, and all of us as followers of Jesus are called to lead in one way or another. 

Character is often revealed through testing. As life produces difficulties and challenges, we get to see what our character is really made of. When this happens, how will we respond? And how will we make decisions about character when faced with pressures from culture and friends?


Character is built when we are faithful in the little things. In this lesson we’ll talk about our lives and take an honest look at our faithfulness. Are we following Jesus in the small stuff? Are we faithful in how we talk to each other, how we make decisions, and how we treat others? We will lean into what it takes to really develop a life of character, one decision at a time.

All of us will experience failure. We will all fall short of the call of God in our lives. So part of character is how we respond to failure. Will we own it, repent, and grow? Or will we hide it, make excuses, and stay stagnant?

Thomas McKellick

Thomas, is the Youth and Young Adults Pastor at the North Jersey Vineyard, working with students from 6-12th grade and young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. He is also the East Regional Coordinator for youth ministry in VineyardUSA. After high school, he studied at Vineyard College of Mission in Boise, ID with areas of focus on video production and church planting. Thomas worked on staff for over seven years at Pathway Vineyard in Lewiston, ME and served as the director of Heroic Leadership Institute, a 9 month discipleship school for young adults in the Vineyard Movement. One of his greatest passions is seeing young people learn how deeply God values them and embracing the fullness that He offers along their journey.